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Friso® 3

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Friso® 3

  • Friso® 3 milk powder for 1-3-years-old children
    Friso® 3 is a milk powder suitable for children aged 1-3 years old and is part of a complete and balanced diet. Friso® 3’s advanced formula contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fatty acids which help to cover the special nutritional needs of childhood and contribute to the proper mental and physical development. More specifically, it is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for the healthy development of bones, as well as iron, which contributes to the normal cognitive development of children

New & Enhanced Protection Lid

New & Enhanced Protection Lid

  • Airtight

    With airtight features that are tested and proven to keep out unwanted elements
  • Safety seal

    Secure our quality formula milk
  • Hygienic spoon rest

    Makes preparation fuss – free
  • Accurate spoon guide

    Ensure precise dosage
Unique Protection Lid from Friso Gold

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I prepare Friso® 3 for my child?

    In 1 glass with 180ml of water, add 5 scoops of Friso® 3 (1 scoop = 6.6 g. of powder) and stir well.

  • How many glasses of Friso® 3 should my child drink?

    In general, consult your doctor for the care and feeding of your child.



    Age Number of meals per 24 hours Water in ml. Number of levelled scoops
    From the 12th month 3 180 5

    One levelled scoop = 6.6 g of powder milk

  • Why is there formation of air bubbles after the milk is prepared and shaken in a feeding bottle?

    When milk is shaken in a feeding bottle it always produces bubbles, which eventually disappear. It is best to gently swirl or shake the bottle horizontally and not vertically. This reduces the generation of air bubbles.

  • Can milk powder be prepared with cold  water?

    Friso® 3 easily dissolves in cold or warm water. The water temperature should not exceed 40°C before the milk preparation, so that the beneficial lactic acid bacteria it contains remain active.

  • When my child reaches 4 years of age, can they continue with Friso® 3?

    Friso® 3 is a milk powder suitable for children aged 1-3 years old. When your child turns 3 years old, it is the right age to start Friso® 4, the milk powder for 3-year-old children and older, with your pediatrician’s consent.

  • What is the shelf life of Friso® 3?

    Once opened, the package is preserved up to four weeks with a tightly closed lid in a cool dry environment.
    Strictly follow the packaging storage instructions.

    The shelf life of sealed packaging is 2 years.

  • What if my child is still having problems adapting to the milk formula transition?

    Please consult your pediatrician.

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