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The unique & stringent control system of Friso milk throughout the entire production cycle of milk from the grass to the glass.

Product Range

Friesland Campina

Royal FrieslandCampina proudly constitutes the largest dairy cooperative in the world with 14.132 member dairy farms, with more than 140 years of experience of co-operative entrepreneurship, plays an important role in providing consumers all over the world with milk and valuable products made from milk.

This guarantees our commitment to ensuring the strictest quality standards throughout the production chain. Besides, food safety and our commitment to quality are at the core of our corporate responsibility and can be ensured by the fact that a range of stringent rules, specifications and procedures are strictly followed. This is inextricably linked with both the selection of raw materials and the entire production process, packaging, transport and storage of products.

Of course, all raw materials and final products are constantly tested in terms of safety and quality.

Friso powder milks are manufactured according to strict standards and European Union requirements for infant & children's milks, fulfilling the milk safety requirements, as defined by the EU Commission's decision, the European Community Council and the regulations of the Codex Alimentarius Committee of the UN.

The Production Cycle of Friso baby and infant powder milk


From Grass to Glass

from glass to grass

Milk as our main raw material…
feeding, caring & milking

- Our farmers carefully maintain the soil and select the grass that is the basis for our milk.
- The type of grass defines fatty acid composition of the milk.
- Individual care of each cow and continuously monitoring of cows’ status.
- Milking takes place twice per day and is done through special equipment that takes a simultaneous quality sample.

Milk collection

Milk collection…
using only the best

- Milk is collected in a refrigerated tank at 4°C.
- Professional truck drivers collect the milk, taking samples for laboratory analysis.
- Payment to the farmers depends on milk quality.
- Upon arrival at the production location, the milk undergoes a final inspection and chemical and microbiological analysis before it is being released.
- Only high quality milk is used for Friso milks.


Milk Processing…
an outcome of the latest developments in technology

- Friso milks are produced in our factory in Beilen, The Netherlands.
- By using a single production process with mild heat treatment, the protein of the milk is maintained closer to its natural structure.
- As a result, Friso milks contain a low level of glycated protein, which increases the digestability of the protein.
- Friso milks preserve native protein structure in formula during processing. This explains that only the grass to glass control in combination with the relatively mild heat process can lock into a more native protein structure to support digestion.


Packaging & Distribution…
from the Netherlands

- 100% of powder milks are produced and packed in Beilen, The Netherlands.
- Products are packed directly after powder blending.
- With Protection Lid: designed to make preparing the formula much more hygienic and hassle-free and at the correct doses per serving.

Friso Science & Technology

Friso Science & Technology …

- Every step we take is monitored by our researchers.
Two leading research innovation centers: one in Wageningen, The Netherlands, and one in Singapore.
We are in close collaboration with Wageningen University & Research Center.
Over 550 scientist working daily on improving quality of our products.
Friso also has formulas for infants with special medical needs.
FrieslandCampina is knowledge leader in dairy technology and ingredients.