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Have fun with family photos!

At this age you should have already taken many photos of your little one with the rest of the family. So why not discover more experiences together by making frames for these photos, along with your child? This idea promises a whole day full of activities: from making frames and putting photos through, to choosing which parts of the house to go in!

Making a choice

Collect the photos that you and your child would like to use for this fun activity. Choose photos in which different family members have cute expressions or make comedic faces - the funnier the better! As you browse through the photos, take the opportunity to remind your child of all the happy times they have had with the rest of the family!

Every photo in its frame

Let's see now how to make frames for your photos. It is very easy! Print the frame design that you and your child like and then cut the photos to fit them into the empty frame area. Then stick the photos in there - and ready!
Framed photos in no time!

Decorate with memories

And now, the most fun part of the activity! Once you have painted some wonderful memories, then you and your child should decide where to hang them or stick them. Some will, of course, come into your toddler's room, but others can be attached to the refrigerator door with magnets or in the living room.

And now that you're done, take some photos of your… framed photos to show them to the rest of the family and send them to us here too!

Creative craftsmanship improves hand-eye coordination and all of the child's motor skills.
Also, by encouraging the child to choose which photos of their loved ones they prefer, you help them learn to express their personal views.