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I learn my body through songs

I learn my body through songs

A perfect way to discover more experiences together is by dancing and singing, while your little one learns about different parts of their body! Show them the dance steps, learn the lyrics of the song well, and then let them and join you and dad on the "dance floor". You can also organize a show for the whole family. Your little one won't want to stop dancing, guaranteed!

Learning the steps

The first thing to do is to pick a song. An English song that has been loved by many generations of children is "Clap your hands." You can also find a more modern rhythmic song online, and learn the lyrics and steps. Sing it many times together until your little one learns it by heart.

Let's teach dad too

Has your child learned the lyrics and moves of the song by heart?

If so, it's time to take on the teacher's role! Invite your spouse to take part in the game and you both pay attention to the teachings of toddler. Dad can sometimes pretend he forgets, so that your child can intervene and correct him!

A show for the whole family

When all three of you have been practicing dancing and songs together, call your uncles, aunts, grandmothers and grandparents and give a family show! So your little one not only learns his body parts but also becomes the focus of attention - something that all children enjoy!

The important thing is your child is entertained by singing and dancing. And you, of course, will record each and every movement with your videocamera or camera. We look forward to seeing the performance of your little star!

Music, in addition to entertaining and exciting, is vital to the development of the child. Simple children's songs help children to enrich their vocabulary while improving their balance and coordination when dancing and singing at the same time.