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Create with recycling materials

Make creations with recycling materials

Think about how much more fun it would be to discover more experiences together if you combine playing with creative activities like turning garbage into new and imaginative objects! Whether creating their own mini-ecosystem or learning the different colors, or even making new toys from scrap materials, you can teach your children not only creativity but also the value of recycling.

Art that respects the planet

Do you have any old tupperware that you no longer use?
How about turning it into a mini ecosystem for your child, allowing it to appreciate even more the wonders of nature? Shells, pebbles, sand, even a little grass - you can combine them all to create a 'living' artwork that will have your child's signature.

Crazy colors!

Have your child fill an old plastic soft drink bottle with water. Then, put a few drops of colored paint into the water - then add another color to the first one! Keep adding more colors, and then have your little one shake the bottle and see how all the crazy colors mix! For even more impressive results, drop two or three of your child's tiny toys in the colored water!

Magic boxes

A box from a new machine may be garbage to you, but for your child it hides a whole new world! Did you buy a new TV? This box will be the perfect size for you and your child to turn into a cardboard plane. Got a new toaster? With some markers, glitter, and a pair of scissors, you can transform the box into a home for their toys!

Save the earth

While these activities are all fun, this is a great chance for you to teach your child the basics of why recycling is important and how it helps to “keep the earth happy!” With this in mind, every time you come across something that they can recycle into a new toy, ask them how they would do it and guide them along, as they get really creative!

You don’t even have to wait long to try these out. This coming weekend is the perfect time to start! Ask dad or the older children to join in and encourage your little one. Remember to be creative – and show us what your child comes up with!

There are, of course, some dangers as any object can carry germs from dust or soil. We prefer to use clean materials, while it is of the utmost importance to strengthen your child's immune system by providing them with proper nutrition so that you can then freely learn how to recycle everything - as any new mom loves and respects the environment!