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Toys on the sandy beach

Playing in the sand

How is it possible not to discover more experiences together if you are at the beach for the day? In addition to swimming and relaxing in the sand, it is a great place for the whole family - and enables you to get closer to your child through various activities: from learning the shapes to building turrets, to making bracelets and necklaces with shells.

The right outfit

What we wear depends on our comfort, so make sure you have the right clothes for you and your child. You need loose sand shorts and t-shirts to play in the sand and sun protection, and of course your swimwear for diving.

Sand castles ... and much more!

The first thing your little one will do when they reach the beach is to play with the sand! Together, you can build castles or even paint them - thus learning various shapes or forms of animals. Carve a ditch around the castle you built and fish there. These toys nurture the child's creativity, while also enhancing your own as you devise new ways to keep the child interested.


The shells are amazing souvenirs from a day at sea, but at the same time they are also valuable materials for an art project! Gather up enough in a bag, bring them home and indulge in artistic creations, together with your little one! Paint the shells, or make necklaces! You can also decorate the walls of the kids room with these!

So get ready for a day at the beach!