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Toy bears

Copying the animal movements with your child

Now your child is definitely much more vibrant - they want to explore everything, not standing still. This means that it is time to offer them stimuli that will boost their motor skills and have fun at the same time! Discover more experiences together as you teach your child how to different animals move. You can do this either by playing with your child's toys, or by mimicking animal movements in the park, or by having your little one guess which animal you are representing.

With the help of toys

The best way to get started is by using different pictures or your child's own toys. Show your little one a photo of a snake, then show the snake game and drag it here and there! Show them the photo of a lion, then take the plush lion and do the chasing for the child to fill it with kisses! Once your baby is familiar with the movements, have them mimic those animal movements.

What kind of animal is this, mom?

Once your toddler learns which movement corresponds to each animal, you can play this game with them: imitate the movements of an octopus or a snake or a cat and see if your child recognizes which animal you are. If they do not understand at first, help them by accompanying your movements with some sounds.

Your little animal

It's time for your little one to participate! Get them do the animal movements with you! You can have them in your arms as you mimic a galloping horse! You can also lift them up and tell them to swing their arms up and down like a bird!

Fun outside the cage!

Why limit yourself at home? Take a stroll at the park or the beach and imitate animals you might meet there. Walk together like crabs, fly like a seagull or crawl like a caterpillar!

Most importantly, don't forget to capture your flying and gallloping to share these fun moments with us!