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Playing with cars

Game with racing cars!

Does your little one already have a collection of racing cars? Get it all and discover more experiences together! Your child is now at the age of enjoying competing in a fun car race, and there are ways to make this game even more enjoyable. You can win a race not only inside but also outside the home, and you can also build a simple but impressive "race track"!

Let the race begin!

Before you start, ask your child to tell you about their racing cars. This is a great opportunity to bring the two of you closer and bring that one to their own world. As soon as the race starts, let them win, but first make it a little difficult! Your little opponent should not suspect you let them win!

Rally outside the house!

Car races don't need to be confined to the home. If you can find a fairly flat surface in the courtyard or elsewhere, your rally is a great excuse to go out. You can run your races at different points every time or even in the park, to keep your child's interest alive!

Prepare the racetrack

It's easy to create your own mini-racer! First, take the lid of a shoe box and turn it upside down. On the inside paint the racing tracks. You can build several different slopes or use larger shoe boxes for longer runs. Build two or three such slopes with your little one, and then get your engines started!

And throughout this game, don't forget to take pictures. Later, when your child is a little older, you will relive these exciting moments, flipping through your albums.