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Get close to a rainbow!

And who is not enchanted by the rainbow? But had you thought that you could use this colorful phenomenon of nature to discover more experiences together? Either by creating a rainbow to learn the colors with your little one, or creating many small rainbows to decorate their room, or doing a colorful experiment outside with the help of the sun - you are sure to have a great time together !

Tiny rainbows!

This is a very simple experiment to show your little one how to make their own rainbow! Place a mirror in a glass of sloping water to refract the sunlight. As the sun reflects in the mirror, turn the glass towards a piece of white cardboard. You will see a small rainbow forming there, which you can use to teach your child the colors that make it up!

A rainbow inside my house!

By doing exactly the same experiment, you can create rainbows all over the house! Show off the magical colors on the wall and let your child play with them! Ask your spouse to also draw a rainbow on the wall of the children's room! Have your little one shout the colors one by one as dad paints them!

Rainbows, wherever you go!

It's easy to do a similar experiment at home! One sunny day, take your child out to the yard or for a stroll in the park and make a rainbow there using a transparent glass half-filled with water and a piece of paper. Tell your little one to hold the paper well, and you lift the glass slightly over the paper so that the sunlight can pass through it - and that was it! The water reflects the rainbow on the paper!

As you apply these fun experiments, ask your spouse to photograph your child's excited face! And remember to share these photos with us!