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Learning about the sun from plants

Learning about the sun from plants

It's round, orange and very bright! This is how your child should describe the sun. But we know that the sun is much more! Now is the time to discover more experiences with your child in the sun with the help of plants. You can show them how the sunbeams contribute to the growth of a plant and how, on the contrary, their lack interrupts its growth, and then discuss with your child why this is happening!

The miracle of growth!

Take a glass or transparent jar. Cover all the bottom with a cotton swab and then place three green beans on the cotton swab. Put the glass or jar near a window where the sun can reach it, and then have your little one pour some water into the glass every day and watch the beans grow!

Staying in the shade

Now repeat the same experiment, but place the glass of beans in the shade away from the sun. After a few days, your child will see a noticeable difference in the plants!

What is the difference?

Once you've done both experiments with your little one, it's time to hang out and discuss the results. Let your child draw their own conclusions, and if they finds it difficult, give them some help by asking, for example, "Where did we put the plant the first time, and where did the second one?"

Don't forget to take photos your child with their plants before and after they grow, and share these snapshots with us! We look forward to seeing your little gardener in action!