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Love for nature through toys

Love for nature through toys

It's never too early to discover more experiences with your toddler, learning about all that surrounds them, and especially about nature. The best way to instill an interest in nature is to combine something they are already familiar with - toys! Whether it's a song while they're playing with their favorite toys, creating their own personal toys or turning their room into a small oasis.

Choosing the toys

As your child's vision is still developing at this stage, it is preferable to choose contrasting color games. So do not choose any butterfly, but a butterfly with red and black wings. Don't just choose a flower, but a flower with red and white petals.

Give life to the toys

Toys representing insects or plants are the ideal choice. Does your baby have a butterfly toy? Make it "fly" around them and charm them with its colors. If the little one reaches out to it, let them grasp it and examine it. Is there a plastic tree in their toys? Get the butterfly to land on its branches! So turn a simple game into an experience! You can sing a song about insects or plants at the same time!

Make your own insects!

Why limit yourself to the toys your little one already has, and not make one yourselves? It is not difficult at all. Provide some glue, colored paper, and draw and cut insect or animal shapes, which can be made in 3D. Tie them after a rope on a wooden stick. Or create a spider with a roll of toilet paper on which you will fit cardboard legs. Then accompany the toy you made with a story!

Nature ... in their room!

To further instill their interest in nature, you can add an element of it to their room! Cut plant and animal designs from colored paper and glue them to the walls of the room, creating your own natural environment for your baby.

Every time you play with your toddler, you create memories - don't forget to capture these precious moments when your child discovers the wonders of nature through their toys.

The more time you spend with your child, the closer you come to them. Playing is the ideal activity for strengthening mental bonds, while giving you the opportunity to control their motor skills development and train them in hand-eye coordination. In addition to your child practicing their senses, playing with them is very beneficial for their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.