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Autumn leaves

Play creative games in the park!

Is your child so active? Well, the time has come to discover more outdoor experiences together! Parks are the most ideal destinations. They are places where you can relax and instill your child even more into nature's secrets through various activities, such as getting to know different insects, playing a treasure hunt or crafting materials that has picked up the child by nature.

Introduction to insects

Buy a book full of insect pictures that you might come across in the park. When you get there, start looking for these insects with your little one. Once you find them, notice how they move or what they do - motivate your child to even touch them ... if, of course, they don't sting.

Organize a treasure hunt

The park is the safest place for your little one to run free and enjoy their independence. You sit on a bench, and give them a list of things to find. This list should include branches, leaves and stones. Then tell them a few things they can easily find, and make sure they are all somewhere nearby. Your child will be thrilled to be given such an interesting task, and at the same time will feel the joy of reaching the goal as soon as they brings you everything you have asked for.

The art of nature

Don't throw away everything your child has found in their treasure hunt! You can use them as materials to create a work of art that you will create together! First, cut a circle of white cardboard and paint it with watercolors. Then, stick the leaves around the circle to make a giant flower, and with its twigs make its twig! Finally, place the fake flower in a vase, among the real ones, to show your child how proud you are of their craft!

Above all, make sure you have a good time together - and tell us about everything you did in the park!

A day in the park with your little one is not only fun for them - it is beneficial for you too! Contact with nature helps fight stress while outdoor activities protect the heart.

There are undoubtedly many benefits for your child. Frequent outdoor activities, as well as artistic activities such as the crafts we have described, improve the child's motor skills and creativity and build their confidence.