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Playing hide-and-seek with toys

Playing hide-and-seek with toys

Your little one getting to know vehicles firsthand can be a lot of fun. Discover more experiences with a fun toy: get to know the different cars one by one, then hide them in a basket full of folded socks or in different parts of the house.

Come on in!

Start by instroducing each of your transport vehicles to your little one. It's a good idea to give everything a name because it will make it easier for your child to remember them. "Say hello to Ryan the Car, or to Paul the Plane!"

Hide in the basket

Ready to play? Take a medium sized basket for laundry and fill it with socks that you have folded into balls, or even plastic balls. No matter what your balls are made of, make sure they fit into the palm of your baby. Now pick some of your child's toy vehicles and hide them between the socks. It will be relatively easy to find them, but the point is to be able to play and entertain your little one in the balls!

Parking is permitted everywhere

Did your little one find all the vehicles in the basket? Nice! Now hide them in different parts of the house. Direct the child to where they are hidden and whenever they find them, do not forget to cheer! Also, with each new breakthrough, be sure to remind them how the vehicle he found is called.

Most importantly, don't forget to capture all of these great moments and share them with us!