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Playing with the mirror

Playing with the mirror

Playing is the perfect way for your child to learn new things and discover more experiences together! Grab a mirror and start playing with your baby while learning the different parts of their body - start by showing them their image for the first time, then play hide and seek in the mirror!

Say hello to yourself!

Put your baby in front of a large mirror. Make sure, of course, that there are no cracks or sharp corners that can cause an injury. Then you don't have to do anything - let the natural curiosity take over! The mirror is something new for your child, so they will have the desire to explore their image for quite some time! You can encourage their discovery by saying, "Look, sweetie! It's you!"

Getting to know the body parts

When the baby gets used to the reflection, start learning the different parts of the body. Touch their face first and say, "This is your face!", as they look in the mirror. Repeat this with every part of the body. When you're done, play the following game: say the word "head", or "foot" and ask them to show you their head or foot in the mirror. Do not forget to applaud every one of their correct answers!

And now ... funny faces!

Keep having fun together, making funny faces in the mirror! Sooner or later your baby will be laughing at your comic expressions - get them involved!

It's important to not forget to capture the moments when your child first sees their image and share them with us! We look forward to seeing the surprise on their smiling faces!

Playing in front of a mirror will help them practice their eyesight, and expressiveness. As for your active involvement, it will undoubtedly promote your baby's social and emotional development.