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Sunny beach

Ride in the sunshine with your paper hat!

A day out in the sun is always fun - but a day out in the sun to discover more experiences together is even more fun! Have a good time in the sunshine by printing some paper animals and also making a paper hat for your little one. Then you can play hide and seek with the animals!

Friends of the animal kingdom

You can start by printing the animals you want. After assembling them, have your little one give them names, e.g. Bob the Hedgehog, Sam the Fox and so on.

The necessary hat!

It is easy to make cone-shaped paper hats. Once you have both prepared, you can make them pretty with your child, by painting them or putting glossy stickers on them.

Time for hide-and-seek!

Now that you have a cute hat and your pets friends, why not play hide and seek with your little one? Hide the paper animals in different parts of the yard or park that you have been to, and have your child discover them. Help them find them by telling them "hot" when approaching the hidden animal, or "cold" when moving away. And, of course, with every animal they find, you cheer!

Don't forget to photograph your little one with their cute paper hat! It would be even better to ask someone to photograph you both with your matching hats and share these photos with us here!