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Fairy tales

Time for fairy tales

Discover more experiences together by reading stories to your child before they go to bed. There is no prettier epilogue for the day. This nocturnal habit brings the two of you closer together, but you can enhance it by transforming it into a real-life experience by giving life to the heroes of stories by choosing interactive books that activate senses other than hearing.

So let's see how the difficult time of sleep can be enjoyable!

It's show time!

To make reading a fairy tale into an experience, use funny voices for characters. Is Leo the Lion talking? Make it roar! Is the Little Mouse being naughty? Adopt a light, comedic tone! Imitate what the heroes do. Once your child is familiar with the various gestures and movements, they will be able to participate actively!

Lesson before bedtime

Make use of the fairy tales you read to your child to introduce them to new concepts! Want to know about the seabed? Choose books that have characters for fish or other creatures of the sea. After you finish reading, cover yourselves with a blanket, swim under the sea, and tickle your little one like an octopus!

All our senses!

Enhance the experience even more! Baby books with embossed representations are ideal to cultivate a sense of touch for your baby. Adding to this the colors and shapes, the experience becomes multi-sensory. Ask your child to point to the round, white bunny, and then tell them to caress its soft fur!