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Baby with a toy

We learn about the air with streamers

Your little one is ... old enough to know what the air is, so it's time to find out and discover more experiences together! First of all, you can make yourself a nice streamer game, then show your little one how the air works with the help of a fan, and finally get to know the outside, in the open air!

Beautiful streamers!

Making this game is simple. You take a piece of hard cardboard and stick with your child strips of colored paper on one side, making sure they are free in the air over half their length. Use glue or even glue to glue the strips onto the cardboard. Now tell the kid to decorate the cardboard, either by painting it with markers or sticking to their favorite stickers! After all, it's their own game.

Playing with the fan

Since the original game you made together is ready, you can show your child what they can do - with the help of air! Open the fan and stand several steps farther along with your little one. Tell the mto lift up the cardboard with the streamers and see what happens. Anything else? To get a little closer. Soon your little one will see the streamers dancing in the air!

Outdoor play!

But you want your child to understand that the air doesn't just come out of the fan. To explain it better, take a stroll in the park and tell them to run, holding the toy in their hand. Your little one will be thrilled to see the streamers flutter in the air!

The moment of discovering air is very important for your child. Be sure to take many snapshots of this game, because in the future you will both be sure to look back with emotion on these memories.