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Discover more experiences together

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Build a dream house!

Your child is always excited about doing things with you! So why not c.... more

Educational games with soap bubbles

Educational games with soap bubbles

It is a shame to spend sunny days with a light breeze at home. Why not.... more

I learn my body through songs

I learn my body through songs

A perfect way to discover more experiences together is by dancing and .... more

Keeping things clean

Keeping things clean!

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to play with your adorable lit.... more

Family with a dog

The concept of home

So far, your child sees home as the place where they lives with their .... more

Build a cardboard house together

Build a cardboard house together!

We are sure your little one loves to make things! This weekend, Discov.... more

Educational campsite at home

Educational camping at home

Your child is now ready to discover more experiences together! This is.... more

Happy feet

Hands and feet ... on paper!

Day by day your child becomes stronger and more active. So, this is th.... more